Fingerprint Bar Heart Necklace


Generic Fingerprint or Customized Fingerprint (If you pick this option please send us n copy of the fingerprint to along with your order number. Please make sure the quality is at its best. )

Select between 6 font options (as on image)

This item comes with a standard 45cm chain. If you require a longer chain, please select in the dropdown below.
Why do I need to pay extra for a longer chain? Because it is longer and contains more silver.

Please enter fingerprint position, if you would like to add an initial or letter , font etc details for any extra pendants

Wear this Fingerprint Bar Heart Necklace as an eternal keepsake to always have your loved one close to your heart, a special and unique reminder of your everlasting love.  Choose a letter and a standard generic fingerprint OR simply send us the fingerprint (add R80.00) you’d like and we will intricately engrave this on a stunning Sterling Silver Pendant for a timeless and exquisite look that’s totally unique.

Why do I need to pay extra to add my customized print? Because we have to trace your print and convert it to a file to engrave and this can be very time consuming. Please send us a clear scanned copy of the fingerprint along with your order number to

How do I provide the print? 
We suggest stamping the hand/foot/paw with an ink pad (or something similar) (As they do at police stations, etc) and scanning a clear copy through to us along with your order number to  (Photos of the hand/foot/paw are not traceable unfortunately)
  • 2 fingerprint position options
  • Bar measures 35mm x 7mm
  • Add an optional initial
  • If you choose to add an initial please choose the font:
    (see picture for reference)
    1. Thin cursive
    2. Typewriter
    3. Bold stamp
    4. Lowercase cursive
    5. Decorative cursive
    6. Casual capitals
  • Standard 45cm sterling silver chain included

LEAD TIME for engraved jewelry is approximately 2-4 weeks for manufacturing before being shipped , we always try to ship orders as soon as possible.