World map Tapas board

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This is a product very close to my heart. My dad made these beautiful origin pine tapas boards and we engraved the designs on for him. Some of them he even engraved himself. Too sweet.

These boards are up-cycled form floor planks. Refurbished into these beautiful handmade Tapas boards. All differ slightly and the grains of each will never be the same. And that’s what makes these so special. One of a kind, handcrafted with great passion and a love for craftsmanship.

These are not for cutting, mailing because of the design element. Use them for cheese boards, snacks, deserts or tapas. Or even just to add something new to your kitchen decor.

**Not on is the same. grains and color may differ from original picture.

Your order can take 2 to 5 working days before shipping out. Thereafter about 2 to 4 working days depending on your area.

Thank you for buying local and supporting big dreams in small ways! Handmade in the western cape

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