Waterproof Jelly Collar & Leash Set – Green

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Waterproof Jelly Collar & Leash Set – Green


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“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”— Roger Caras

Collar Info:

PVC Coated Webbing, Waterproof Dog Collar with Side Release Buckle & Pull Control

Perfect for active dogs who like to get dirty and wet! Having fun in any kind of environment has never looked so stylish. A fantastic choice for any instadog. Will make your feed POP! lol! AND who said the couch potatoes can’t look fabulous too! These vibrant Jelly Collars are truly for everyone.

– These water-repellent collars stay dry and odor-free, without shrinking or losing flexibility.
STRONGER AND MORE DURABLE than leather or nylon, these polyester webbing substrates are bonded with a waterproof coating which increases the product durability, strength, flexibility, and cleanliness.
SIDE RELEASE BUCKLE: Easy on and off with the quick release buckle. A sturdy D-ring makes it compatible with our aany leashes and provides a place to attach an ID tag.
PULL CONTROL: The left side of the collar also has a D link and is designed as a pull controller. Longer than an average collar, to provide some extra give that assists the pull control. This is a humane choke chain feature to assist with dogs that are prone to pulling. There is a stopper to adjust to the size of your dog’s neck and this ensures that the collar will never go smaller than your dog’s neck (where the stopper is placed) The fact that the collar has 2 D links, gives you the choice to use or not use the pull controller. The D link on the right is fixed and will not affect the collar size when pulling.
WIPES CLEAN with a damp cloth for easy care. Our non-absorbent collars offer a stylish way to keep your dog looking and smelling their best, without missing out on the fun.
No more water-logged dog collars

Your dog loves to play in the rain but you hate the mess and the smell that it leaves in his collar. These waterproof Jelly Collars gives your dog the freedom to splash with wild abandon because it stays dry and odor-free, even when subjected to swampy or brackish waters. Water rolls right off of it, taking smells with it. Simply wipe this collar clean with a damp cloth to return it to pristine condition.

Designed for easy care and reliability

A waterproof coating enhances the polyester webbing substrate of our waterproof dog collar. Even if your big dog strains at his leash during walks, this robust collar won’t break under normal use.

Make sure to always rinse the D rings with fresh water after it has been used in the ocean. This is to increase the lifespan of the hardware. Saltwater will make any metal rust. So make sure to rinse and dry after use.

Leash info:

These PVC coated webbing leads are the answer to wet, slippery leashes that strain your hands. Comfortable, waterproof and odor-proof. You can let your pup or adult dog enjoy playing in puddles without bringing home a smell, drippy leash and a palm with friction burns. Simply wipe this leash clean with a damp cloth and it’ll be ready for your next adventure together.

Stronger and durable, our leashes feature polyester webbing with a waterproof coating, making it not only lightweight but easy to clean. Coupled with black non-reflective hardware with swivel thumb clip to prevent tangles and twists. Ideal for personal household pet use as well as for working canines, service dogs and adventure seekers.

  • LEAD WITH PURPOSE with the Dogline Biothane Dog Leash. This robust webbed dog lead is specially coated to emerge from even the swampiest environments, dry and smell-free, without loss of flexibility.
  • MORE DURABLE than leather dog leashes, the waterproof jelly leash boasts a flexible substrate core bonded with a waterproof coating, perfect for environs where strength and cleanliness are crucial.
  • EASY CARE They can be wiped clean with a damp cloth to remove dirt. Because it is waterproof and smell-proof, it will retain its pristine appearance.

Collar Measurements:

Small: Width 1.6cm x Adjustable Length 24-36cm

Medium: Width 2.0cm x Adjustable Length 30-47cm

Large: Width 2.5cm x Adjustable Length 39-63cm

Leash Measurements:

Small: Width 1.6cm x 80cm

Medium: Width 2.0cm x 1m

Large: Width 2.0cm x 1.2m

Collar Size

Small, Medium, Large