Montessori Interactive Multiplication Board

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Montessori Interactive Multiplication Board


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A fun and effective way to learn, practice and remember your tables

Multiplication charts can be a valuable learning tool if used the right way! Math isn’t just about memorizing facts but acquiring number sense and understanding relationships between numbers.

This interactive multiplication chart is a powerful tool for exploring a range of numeracy concepts:
*Multiples – number composition and multiplication
*Factors – number decomposition and division
*Even/Odd numbers
*Perfect Square Numbers
*Square Root Numbers
*Observe number patterns
*Create arrays that relate to objects
*Pair with the geometric shapes from our shapes puzzles to make problems more challenging (hexagon x triangle = ?)
*Cover up some of the numbers and have students recall what is covered up for a self check on their multiplication facts
*Play partner games – have partners cover up random multiples and take turns guessing
*Discuss strategies for finding multiples they do not yet know
*Introduce percentages

Use anything like pebbles, felt balls, colored beans, pasta, crystals, marbles and just about anything else can make great accessories for interactive learning.

Your multiplication chart should be placed somewhere where it can be seen daily and practiced frequently. This helps a lot in memorizing these math tables and makes the students thorough with them.

Size: 28cm x 28 cm

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