Lovers Monogram LEAF cut out Necklace


Please select date font (see last picture for reference)

This pendant comes with a standard 45cm chain. If you require a longer chain, please select in the dropdown below.
Why do I need to pay extra for a longer chain? Because it is longer and contains more silver.

Why is the bigger pendant more expensive?
Because the price of silver is calculated by weight. The bigger the pendant, the more it weighs thus becoming more expensive.

Enter the details for added pendants. Initials, Date and Date Font.

Lovers Monogram design on the back of the pendant

If more than 1 pendant is being engraved on the back, please indicate which monogram and date goes behind which.
EXAMPLE: C&C to go behind D&D . Please remember to include Name, date details, date font for back engraving


Monograms were initially used on coins, home-wares and document seals of royal & wealthy houses. Artists would monogram their work to identify it as theirs. Wear your Monogram close to your hear everyday

Pendant and chain are 925 Sterling Silver with a leaf cut our detail

Monogram or initial jewelry is hugely popular with all ages to personalize your jewelry in a subtle stylish way and always keeping something special close to your heart. Also makes for amazing and very special gifts

  • Choose to include a date or not.
  • The initials font is standard and there are 4 styles to choose from (see last image for reference)
  • Regular, Hairline, Lowercase and Single
  • There are also three Font options for the date.
  • The Heart between the letters is embedded in the fonts and cannot be replaced with something else. (see other listings if you only want letters)
  • 2 x pendant sizes to choose from (16 mm or 20 mm)
  • Standard 45cm sterling silver chain included

LEAD TIME for engraved jewelry is approximately 2-4 weeks for manufacturing before being shipped , we always try to ship orders as soon as possible.

In sale times and peak times you may expect to wait a week or two longer.


  • Because each piece is hand made from scratch. From melting to rolling to piercing. Then cleaned up and polished. The design is then made digitally and engraved on the piece. Thereafter it’s cleaned up and polished. Thus explaining why its so time consuming. That is also why engraved pieces are much more expensive (whether made by hand or machine)
  • For that reason NO RUSH ORDERS will be done on this range

Please Note:

  • It is very important when choosing your pendant size to make sure it is the exact size you would like.
  • Because this item will be personalized, we cannot take any responsibility if you choose the wrong size. Be sure to measure at home and use our pictures for size reference.
  • No returns or refunds can be made if you choose the wrong size, this is why we provide you with the exact measurements in the drop down
  • The pendants are handmade and engraved to every custom request therefore each pendant will differ from the image.
  • The images are edited in order to show the different options/styles available therefore the pendant look will be much more authentic and shades will differ.
  • We apply polish to the engraved area to increase the boldness of the design. Engraving color might change slightly over time due to polish fading or oxidation causing it to darken further.
  • The 925 stamp will always be on the back of the pendants therefore it may effect any engraving wanted on the back.

You will receive an email with tracking once your item has been shipped. Shipping can take 2 to 5 working days depending on your area