Leather Collar – Mustard

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Leather Collar – Mustard


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“Animals are such agreeable friends. They ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.” ― George Elliot

Genuine leather Dog Collar with Side Release Buckle & Pull Control

Here’s something you didn’t even know you needed! These gorgeous leather collars are handcrafted in our own studio in the Western Cape. Having fun in any kind of environment has never looked so stylish. A fantastic choice for any Instadog. Will make all your furriends super Jelly! AND who said the couch potatoes can’t look fabulous too! These authentic leather Collars are truly for everyone.

STRONGER AND MORE DURABLE Leather is known for it’s timeless look and qualities.
SIDE RELEASE BUCKLE: Easy on and off with the quick release buckle. A sturdy D-ring makes it compatible with any leashes and provides a place to attach an ID tag.
PULL CONTROL: The left side of the collar also has a D link and is designed as a pull controller. Longer than an average collar, to provide some extra give that assists the pull control. This is a humane choke chain feature to assist with dogs that are prone to pulling. There is a stopper to adjust to the size of your dog’s neck and this ensures that the collar will never go smaller than your dog’s neck (where the stopper is placed) The fact that the collar has 2 D links, gives you the choice to use or not use the pull controller. The D link on the right is fixed and will not affect the collar size when pulling.
EASY TO CLEAN: Leather is easy to clean and even with wear and tare, it will age well and become even more beautiful with time. It will definitely get some marks from everyday use, especially with more active dogs. But that is the beauty of leather. Even with marks and signs of use, it just adds more character and still looks beautiful. You can treat it every once in a while with leather food or even olive oil.

Designed for easy care and reliability

The fact that the collar is made from leather, enhances life span of  this dog collar. Leather has a natural feel and a little bit of stretch to it. Even if your big dog strains at his leash during walks, this robust collar won’t break under normal use, Due to the quality material as well as the type of design used with the D links

They are perfectly safe to use in water. Make sure to always rinse the D rings with fresh water after it has been used in the ocean. This is to increase the lifespan of the hardware. Saltwater will make any metal rust. So make sure to rinse and dry after use.


Yes, because metal is not a long term solution when it comes to dog collars due to it’s short life span.  We decided not to go for the classic metal buckle look because leather is so durable and has an amazing life span, whereas a metal buckle would have drastically shortened the lifespan of the overall product. Although plastic and leather may seem like two contrasting materials, when it comes to durability, hey go together quite well. We decided to go for a Hight quality plastic buckle with easy side release feature for convince. Chic black exterior to go along with the classy yet modern overall appearance. Epoxy logo to add out special touch. The D rings are made of powder coated metal. Although we would have preferred not to include metal to our collars, we had to add the metal D rings for extra security when walking on a lead. (plastic D rings are just not reliable enough) It is however powder coated to enhance the quality, but please make sure to always rinse with water after used in the ocean. And always dry properly after any water use. This will ensure an increased lifespan on your collar


Small: Width 1.6cm x Adjustable Length 24-36cm

Medium: Width 2.0cm x Adjustable Length 30-47cm

Large: Width 2.5cm x Adjustable Length 39-63cm

XL: Width 2.5cm x Adjustable Length 46-72cm

(These are longer than other average dog collars because of the extra length added for the pull control mechanism. Make sure to leave room for the pull control, at least 4cm, when measuring you dog’s neck)

**Please note that this is a handmade item. With any handmade items, there is no one item that will look exactly the same. Colors might differ due to different skins and tans. Some might have marks on due to the natural imperfections of the leather skins itself. The edges are black as we use our laser cutters to cut each collar (this is the natural residue of the leather after being cut). The residue MIGHT come off slightly and show on very light dogs ( but can easily be brushed off and will not stain). This is completely natural and the black will fade within a few weeks of wear. All handmade items are PERFECTLY INPERFECT 🙂

Collar Size

Small, Medium, Large