Furrkid Necklace


Select a font (as on images)

This item comes with a standard 45cm chain. If you require a longer chain, please select in the dropdown below.
Why do I need to pay extra for a longer chain? Because it is longer and contains more silver.

Extra Pendants details: Double Solid Dog/Cat Paw, Single Solid Dog/Cat Paw or Single Hollow Dog/Cat Paw

These Furrkid Necklaces are just too adorable and perfect for the furr-parents out there!

These dog tag style pendants are quite solid and very realistically in proportion to the classic dog tag style tags.

Dimensions: 10mm x 20mm

Choose from 6 different fonts, each with their own personality ensuring that the necklace goes with the name/initial its representing.

  • Standard 45cm sterling silver chain included.
  • The names on the photos represent the font options.
  • Please note that the longer the name is the smaller the engraving will be.

LEAD TIME for engraved jewelry is approximately 2-4 weeks for manufacturing before being shipped , we always try to ship orders as soon as possible.

it is very important when choosing your pendant size to make sure it is the exact size you would like.
Because this item will be personalized we can not take any responsibility if you choose the wrong size. Be sure to measure at home and use our pictures for size reference.
No returns or refunds can be made if you choose the wrong size, this is why we provide you with the exact measurements in the drop down