Dark Blush Buff


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Winter is upon us in full swing and what a better essential accessory than a beautiful unique buff

Buffs can be worn in many different ways thus explaining it’s other name, multi-functional head wear.

The main purpose of a buff is to keep you wrapped up—and there are lots of ways you can do that. When it’s cold, you can use it to cover any exposed skin in your neck area. Or, if it’s really cold, you can go all-in and wear it as a balaclava. The buff’s flexibility is really great depending on what you need, it can be everything from a commuter’s light scarf to part of a polar explorer’s wardrobe. But, it’s not just useful in the cold. A buff also keeps the sun off you when it’s warm. Thus making it the perfect all year round accessory.

Just some of the many ways a buff can be worn:

  • Neck Buff
  • Face Cover
  • Balaclava Buff
  • Sun protection
  • Sweat band
  • Headband / Hair band
  • Banana
  • Bobble hat
  • Wrist sweat band
  • Dog Buff


Our buffs are approx. 50 cm wide for a snug yet comfortable fit around the face and 50 cm long to ensure that it can be folded double and still have enough coverage. Each buff is branded with small Eco-friendly cork labels

This buff is a plain dark blush / coral pink color and is made from cotton Lycra

Color may vary slightly from the pictures due to lighting and exposure

Unfortunately due to the propose of these buffs and the current circumstances, we can not accept any exchanges or returns. It remains the buyers responsibility to make sure that the measurements is right for them. Our buffs are a good quality, budget friendly , casual fit option but should not be confused with more expensive buffs from other brands that are tailored to specific face sizes. Thank you for understanding.

Lead times:

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The use of face masks as an additional preventative measure against COVID-19 has been recommended for public use by the National Department of Health (NDoH). Buffs are not officially recommended but can be warn as a layer over your face mask. The spread of COVID-19 is mainly via respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes, similar to how influenza and other respiratory pathogens spread. Therefore, wearing a fabric face mask is added as a prevention measure to help limit community transmission of the virus.

Take note, wearing a mask or buff is not a primary preventative measure and should not provide a false sense of protection that leads to a misuse of masks. COVID-19 preventative measures include the exercise of good hand hygiene and physical distancing.

Our buffs are not in any way advertised or recommended to replace a cotton face ask with. We rather recommend using it along with other PPE like over face masks or under face shields