4 Letter Word Builder with Sand Tray – Montessori style

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4 Letter Word Builder with Sand Tray – Montessori style


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Sand trays provide kinesthetic practice (learning while moving) for pre-writing letter formation and letter practice. The drag and pull created by moving the sand helps build connections for the learner through multisensory practice, which is when we engage at least three of the senses at the same time. When children (or adults) use multiple senses at the same time, we have a higher chance of retaining information long term.

Even before children are ready to learn to write they can start building the fine motor pathways for these skills by copying or tracing shapes and patterns. Forming lines, circles and swirls are all great ways to incorporate some play into building muscle memory for prewriting skills.

This 4 Letter word builder and tracing tray doubles up as a perfect learn through play interactive puzzle. With early writing activity that offers practice recognizing and writing letters. By Building the words and them practicing writing them via the tracing tray below.

The physical wooden word tiles introduces students to the concept that words have a beginning, middle and ending sound that together create a word. The tray encourages them to playfully mimic the word that they just build and so practicing writing through creative play.

This word puzzle is a Scrabboard / Scrabble style and comes with 2 sets of alphabet tiles (26 letters) for endless word fun!

The sand is not included. If you don’t want to use sand, you can use other creative ways to use the “sand tray tracing board” For example, in the picture, we used Mieliepap! You can also dye the “sand” and change it up now and then to keep it fun

This would also make such fun gifts at a birthday party or an event to keep the kids busy or to take home!

Size: 27.5 cm x 27.5 cm

Contact us for any customization at info@hallojane.co.za