Introducing our newest team member!

So we’ve told you the story about how Hallo Jane came to be what it is today (if you haven’t seen it you can read it here and here), but as a brand grows, so does the team.

For a long time it was just me, Jaynie, and Carla – my phenomenal shop assistant, web shop guru and right-hand woman – but the time came to bring in someone new. Someone who could help with all the things we wanted to do but never really got the time to; the “extras”. A photographer and blogger who could tell the story of Hallo Jane through visuals, as well as generate some beautiful content for our website.

After searching for a while, Bredine Kruger, a young creative from Cape Town applied for the position. Freelance photographer, designer and content generator, she seemed to fit the description perfectly. After a quick meeting, a couple of cups of coffee and a lot of brainstorming, Bredine and Hallo Jane clicked instantly.

Bredine grew up in Somerset West, and after having studied Photography, Graphic design, BA Language and Culture, and completing her post-grad in Translation and Editing, she ventured into the world of Public Relations, Marketing and Events for two years. Nearing the end of 2016 she decided it was time to start an independent venture as a freelancer, offering photography, graphic design and web development as her predominant services.

A true creative and self-proclaimed social media addict, Bredine is happiest behind her camera and she spends her free time scouring local markets and wine estates, always on the lookout for new trends to try. Her little Camps Bay apartment that she shares with two equally creative friends serves collectively as the perfect studio and escape haven – for her, there’s nothing like a walk to the beach to get the inspiration flowing.

She’s worked on a variety of local and international brands within the hospitality, fashion & accessories and entertainment industries, but her true passion lies with homegrown brands – as is evident in her blog, The Authentik – which focuses on promoting proudly South African products and services.

Bredine will be fulfilling the role of product and event photographer for Hallo Jane, as well as updating our website with blog posts and beautiful new content (she’s also the one responsible for the recent revamp). If you’d like to see more of her work, you can visit her website here. Also check out the photos she took for us at the recent KAMERS/MAKERS expo in Cape Town.

Welcome to the team Bredine, and we’re excited to have you as a part of the Hallo Jane family!