We adopted Lupo around the exact time I started Hallo Jane, right after we got married and moved to Pringle bay. He was found in a storm drain along with his 5 siblings and rescued by KAWS, where we came across him. When we went to see the puppies, he came running straight to us and we fell in love instantly. We named him Lupo, “wolf” in Hawaiian

I was very blessed that Hallo Jane grew quickly from the start. So I had this passion to create a pet range as soon as the brand was more established that can also give back to animals in need. Finally after a few years the time has come and we are super excited to have created a brand that is all inspired by our beautiful soul, Lupo.

He’s love is so contagious. Everyone who meets him falls in love instantly. He is extremely goofy, charming and always lives life at his fullest. He’s intuition is amazing and he has helped me through so many difficult times. He feels all your emotions as your are having them! He can cheer you up instantly and make you laugh no matter how down you feel. And he is just the absolute perfect face behind this brand.

After a year Lupo got a sister, Luna, who is also a rescue dog from Stellenbosch. It’s hard to tell them apart even though they are not related at all. Luna is super clever, hyper energetic, super needy and can be a very anxious girl. They are totally different but so perfect in their own way.

“Everyone thinks they have the best dog, and none of them are wrong”

– W.R. Purche

Aren’t dogs just the best? That is exactly why we wanted to create an authentic one stop shop for all dog and cat moms! A place where you can find anything dog and cat related for your furry friend, another dog mom or crazy cat lady and to spoil yourself too.

Our dogs inspired so many of these items. It’s also through them that we have tried and tested many pet products and created a section called Lupo’s Favorites, showcasing some of our favorite products.

At Hallo Jane we love making people smile, creating fun yet functional products with a quirky twist. Adding customization to almost all our products and try to be as authentic as we can. At Lupo&Jane we will do the exact same thing. Making humans and their pets happy while offering a high quality product at affordable prices. We pride ourselves at having many different options for all kinds of budgets and personalities.

Hope you enjoy this new and exciting journey with us!

Lots of slobbery kisses and wagging tails
Lupo, Luna & Jaynie. xx

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